Welcome to the Jung Library

We are open on TUESDAYS and WEDNESDAYS from 11 AM to 7 PM.
123 Pioneer Street (Unit 6) Barangay Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City.

The Jung Library in Pioneer St., is envisioned to be a soul space. To think. To read. To be in silence. To write. To study. To be enlightened. To be inspired. To be immersed in wisdom. To individuate.

History and Mission

The JUNG Library was launched in July 26, 2007, which was also the 132nd birthday of Carl Jung.

The library supports the individuation journey of participants of The Carl Jung Circle Center’s workshops. It is also meant for the further development of psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and those in the healing profession, as well as students in psychology. And lastly, it is meant for individuals who wish to do soul work by reflecting on the aha! wisdom of these books.
The JUNG Library was initiated by the Friends of Jung Society – the mother and “humus” group, and The Carl Jung Circle Center – a broad Jungian-oriented community of professionals, individuals and groups. Its original location was at the RMY Consultancy office in Reposo, Makati.

Private Collection

The Library houses the private collection of initially eight individuals who generously (and with separation anxiety) loaned their books to the library. These are: Lizanne Alcazaren, Alex Tee, Rose Marie Yenko, Dr. Dido Gustilo, Ramon Abola (from the collection of his late wife, Marlene Abola), Elaine Lim, Dr. Rene Samaniego and Len Fernandez. It also houses the archive (notes, papers, a few books) of the late Filipina Jungian Analyst, Dr. Eliza Baja. In recent years, Dr. Ruth Hill and Dr. Garett Hill donated valuable Jungian journals. AJ Sagmit also loaned a vast number of his Jungian books.

The books in the Library include the works of Carl Jung, other known Jungian Analysts such as Marie Louise Von books Franz, Barbara Hannah, and Edward Edinger, and other contemporary Jungian Analysts and authors – Jean Shinoda Bolen, June Singer, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Marion Woodman, Carole Pearson, Daryl Sharp, Kathrin Asper, Verena Kast, Robert Johnson, Joseph Campbell, Jean Houston, Robert Bly, James Hillman, Thomas Moore, Robert Moore, Ira Progoff, Murray Stein and many others. The library is likewise building up its collection of books from the faculty of the PACIFICA Graduate Institute.

These books have been sourced from Jung Institutes and universities abroad, from bookshops – local, foreign and second-hand, from assiduous searches on the Net, from friends and other collectors.

Included in this collection are books on myths, fairy tales, arts therapy, and other psychology books. These books and materials are precious. Thank you to these collectors!

Materialization of the Library

The Jung community has been most generous. In 2007, our donors were: Alex Tee, Nina Centeno, Ging Gonzalez and Mert Loinaz. Our sponsors were: Lizanne Alcazaren, Tillie Pelagallo, Margot Ripoll, Joji Racelis, Amalie Azanza, Ching Escaler, Denise Ullette, Rose Marie Yenko, Bernie Nepomuceno, Mon Abola, Dido Gustilo, Josefina McLaren, Vicky Cantada and Greg Navarro. Sophie Sim-Bate contributed a complete computer set.

In between this period, Gerry Gener donated his beautifully handcrafted bookshelf that he worked on for two years. The Jung library organizers for 2007 were Rose Marie Yenko, Lizanne Alcazaren, Alex Tee and Sophie Sim Bate. For 2017, our major funders were Greg Navarro, Ann Hofer and Rona Santos. Significant contributions also came from Cookie Guererro, Julie Pua, Julie Ong, Ging Gonzalez, and Mert Loinaz.

Our big furniture prices were contributed by Carissa Singson Mabasa. The other major pieces were contributed by Harvey Chua, Dido Gustilo-Villasor, Joji Racelis and Rose Marie Yenko.

The Jung Library organizers of 2017 is composed of: Rose Marie Yenko, Joji Racelis, Oliver Roxas and Renato Orayani. Choncho Sanchez is joining us as Resident Librarian.

Library Services, Schedule and Fees

The books are to be read in the library. Overnight borrowing is not allowed.

The following schedules and fees are observed:

Monday – schedule to be determined

Tuesday – library use, from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Wednesday – library use, from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Thursday & Weekends – for CJCC practitioners’ use

* P2,500 annual library membership fee.
* P200 a day
* no fee for CJCC members

Contact Information
Please reach us through:

Tin Cariaga – 09171193102
Elly Marci – 09272313757

So come, and be centered in our soul space, the Jung Library.

Rose, Joji, Oliver and Choncho
February 1, 2017